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VMS Software (VSI) is proud to present at Connect Deutschland IT-Symposium 2016 in Berlin April 18-20. HPE and Partners address OpenVMS plans and developments. Click here for the topics calendar on the official IT-Symposium 2016 site. The following is a summary of key speakers:

   • Camiel Vanderhoeven of VSI
     Updates attendees on the OpenVMS roadmap and strategy, the OpenVMS port
     to x86-64, future directions of compilers, and LAN driver improvements.

   • Thilo Lauer of HPE
     Addresses attendees on OpenVMS “Support News”.

   • Gerrit Woertman of VMS Consultancy, VSI Professional Services Alliance member
     Based in The Netherlands, addresses the inherent security advantages of OpenVMS,
     as well as security and development tools.

   • Colin Butcher of XDelta, VSI Professional Services Alliance member
     Based in England, addresses moving to OpenVMS 8.4-2, as well as the potential
     OpenVMS port to Alpha servers.

   • Christian Moser of Maklee Software Engineering Solutions, VSI Professional Services Alliance member
     Covers OpenVMS performance sandbox and Oracle database management topics.

This event gives OpenVMS users an ideal opportunity to discuss their OpenVMS requirements, and receive firsthand information about the latest strategic and technical development developments from VSI and its partners.